5 Proof Lawn Care Tips For A Lush Lawn

June 1, 2019

Lawn care tends to be tricky, especially for beginners. In addition to this, caring for your lawn around the year according to the ongoing seasons isn’t an easy task as well. Below are some foolproof ways that will keep your lawn lush and green:

1) Avoid The Fancy Or Imported Grass

Vendors and sellers will probably try to make you buy lawn that is imported, not grown locally or of a fancy variety, this should be avoided at all costs. Always go for local grass that is adapted to the local weather and can be taken care of using locally available substances.

2) Know When To Mow

Most people often make the mistake of mowing their lawns when the grass becomes higher. This is the worst thing you can do for your grass. Letting the grass grow higher increases not only the risk of a sunburnt lawn but also shocks the roots of the grass and stunts the growth of new blades.

3) Don’t Let The Weeds Grow

The thing that spoils the outlook of the lawn most is weeds. Weeds take up sunlight and water meant for other plants while also taking away the beauty of the lawn. Hence, select a taller variety of grass so that they take up the essentials rather than the weed. This will automatically stunt the growth of weeds and keep your lawn weed free.

4) Water Your Lawn At An Appropriate Time

This is a lesser known fact that the time you water your plants also plays a huge part in its health. Always water your lawn in the morning time, before 10 am, since water tends to evaporate less and lets plants absorb the majority of it. Too late in the evening will leave your plants soggy and clogged, while watering them in the noon will make the water evaporate in the sun.

5) Aerate The Soil

Depending on the climate of your home, your soil may be retaining excess moisture. For good growth of plants, a balanced mix of air, water, and sunlight are needed. Hence it is important to aerate the soil. If you think aerating methods are too difficult, simply poke large holes in soil using a wooden stick from time to time.
Lawn care isn’t difficult as long as you wisely follow the traditional steps and stay away from new and untested techniques. A little attention to your lawn will reward you with a lush, sparkling lawn in the long run.