Choosing The Right Components For Your Kitchen

May 1, 2019

The best way to renew kitchens is by installing new kitchen cabinets. Along with cosmetic improvements like new kitchen flooring, cabinets make an old, outdated kitchen feel like a brand new room. Update your kitchen cabinet decor, or even install new cabinet hardware, and you have a fresh, clean feel that can make your whole house feel new.

When you’re choosing new kitchen cabinets, there are several things you want to think about, like functionality, beauty, and how well they will go with your other kitchen decor and fixtures like kitchen counters. In some cases, you may want to purchase new kitchen appliances for a completely updated look to your kitchen. If you ask yourself before buying cabinets, include the following.

What kind of functionality should my new cabinets have? Today’s modern cabinets aren’t just wooden boxes mounted on the walls; you have choices like extended lazy susans, folding doors, racks that slide out, and functional compartment drawers. Sit down and plan it out carefully according to your needs before shopping for cabinets.

How should my new cabinets look? Cabinets come in a wide variety of paint and wood stain shades. Glass-front cabinets are great for displaying china, especially with lit interiors. Bright colors lighten up an otherwise dark kitchen, or black and dark shades can make your chrome appliances gleam under track lighting. Examine a wide variety of options.

How much can I realistically invest in new cabinets? Most kitchen cabinet stores give you at least two choices: stock or semi-stock. Stock cabinets are prefabricated and are installed with filler to cover odd spaces that will cause you to lose a portion of your usable storage area. Semi-stock blends stock cabinets with some custom-made pieces but cost more than straight stock. The most expensive option, custom cabinets, use all your space effectively and look beautiful, but can be much, much more pricey than lower-end cabinets.

Do I know what I’m talking about? Buying new kitchen cabinets isn’t like buying a new coach. You need to understand the differences between prefab materials and custom-built, why you might want to get knife hinges or beveled glass doors. Treat your new kitchen cabinet investment like a project, and learn as much as you can before talking to salespeople. You’ll get a better deal, and you’ll have a much better return on investment.

Do I want to update anything besides the cabinets? You may find, after looking at some of the cabinet options available on the market, that your kitchen flooring looks drab and your old Formica counters look old-fashioned next to the beautiful granite tops you’ve been admiring. Keep possible future updates in mind as you choose your new cabinets.